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Should I Be Bread-er?

Should I Be Bread-er?

Do you miss bread content? I've been doing some bread things, but nothing of note really. Well.. I made tomato-y bread. And successfully got basil leafs to stay on. (The trick is to place them on the bannetons basket before the final rise. This glues them to the surface of the bread and helps it stay on through cutting, slicing and the like.) 

I do love a cake. A simple cake. I don't go in for these fancy, unicorn horn, drippy swirl shenanigans. Back to simple cake, especially with sweet summer fruit in it. I had to stop myself from making lemon coconut cake earlier this week because I'd already made blueberry crisp. Making any fruit crisp is beyond easy and it's a good way to practice non-recipe cooking. A crisp is more cooking than baking. The science is less exact. My blueberry crisp goes something like this...

- 1/3 cup and then some of oats, whatever you've got
- 3-4 heaping spoons of flour, I used wheat
- 1/2 stick of butter, diced into small cubes
- a few dashes of the good cinnamon, a little goes along way
- 2 heaping spoons of brown sugar, white is okay too

- Mix all this in a bowl, mash with your fingers so the butter in disputed and a little melty. Kinda like when you make pie dough by hand. 
- In an 8x8, 8x9, 12 oval or something similar (don't go as big as a 9x13 pan unless your doing 1 and a half or double the crisp) have a single layer of fruit. I used blueberries but cherries, peaches or any other softer fruits would be okay. Apples might do, but have foil handy incase the crisp browns faster than the apples cook. 
- Bake at 375/400 ish for about 15 or 20 mins. Things to look out for doneness - the SMELL, can you smell it? It's probably done. Bubbling fruit on the edges and a browned crisp top. If the fruit isn't also bubbling, probably not done. Use your best judgement, if you don't trust you self consider this an opportunity to trust the process. 

2018-07-18 21.45.06.jpg

In other news, I got a DOUBLE bunch of kale from my CSA this week. Think like... 2 lbs of kale. Just taunting me. So I spent an afternoon making these two dishes and I STILL have a few stems to use up. I kale, sausage, pepper and onion quiche-y tarts mini, and they're so good. Kale and quinoa pilaf salad that I added the turkey ricotta meatballs to from the Small Victories cookbook

Bread has been around forever, basically. Are we surprised? No. Let's face it, this glutinous staple as been in our lives since the dawn of time.    

For all my craft and pun lovers out there (also alert Parks and Rec fans) have you seen Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman's new show? Well Making It is soon to be my new favorite. (I mean, second favorite, who am I kidding, The Good Place is solidly in first.) Watch this super cute pun-off promo and get excited! ARE THEY THE NEW MEL AND SUE?? 


Maybe not. 


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