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You Wanna Peach of Me?! 🍑

You Wanna Peach of Me?! 🍑

This weekend I made peach butter from peaches I picked in July, then froze because I didn't have time to do anything with then. I've written about peach butter before, if your interested in a recipe back and read that post here. I canned the small batch of jam and then suddenly it was 4:30 pm. Funny how that happens.

peach butter.jpg

The rest of Labor day weekend was amazing. I had no set plans with anyone and no desire to leave my house; except to walk to the pool. This weekend gave me the mental and physical space (thanks for being MIA roomies!) to rest.

Rest for me often means reset. Saturday I only left the house to run to Home Depot for a mini bathroom reno project. Our bathroom has a window in the shower where blinds that are not meant for a wet environment and they were not size correctly, meaning there was two inches of blinds just sitting at the bottom. Not great really, just sitting in water nearly all day, every day. I put my gallery wall vinyl lettering skills to use and covered the bottom window in a privacy film. IT WAS SO EASY. It looks so good and we reclaimed more space in the window ledge. Win-win. I would share a picture but really just imagine a window with the bottom half blurred out.

While working in the kitchen I love to rewatch movies or shows. Something I don't need to pay attention to
closely but can still enjoy. While jamming this weekend I rewatched The Spy Who Dumped Me (I swear I noticed something new about it each time I watch) and Stranger Than Fiction. I forgot how much I love the cast and especially Emma Thompson in Stranger Than Fiction.

I'm working on committing to writing Breadlust more regularly. Having the mental space to write hasn't been a primary focus, but I want to work to make that change. I have three international trip in the next three months, so looking forward to airport time to write.

🍑🍑🍑 - Amy

Pancake or Crepe? You Decide!

Pancake or Crepe? You Decide!